TTO lesmethode Engels - New Inspiration

New Inspiration takes all the best elements of the original course and adds some exciting new characteristics perfect for motivating and challenging teenage students. The four-level course takes teenagers from beginner to intermediate level, evolving with the students, reflecting their changing needs and interests.

Packed with activities, New Inspiration strikes the perfect balance between teaching the grammar points and practicing the target language in a communicative context. New Inspiration is a course that 'grows' with its students because we understand that a 13-year old lives in a different world to a 16-year-old. As you will see, it meets your Dutch VTO/TTO requirements. And if your school also teaches vmbo and hv levels, our all-level All right! course will be the ideal companion to complement your school's English programme.

New Inspiration is published by MacMillan, a well-known international educational publisher. Malmberg - in close cooperation with Macmillan - offers teachers and schools in the Netherlands the opportunity to obtain this course against the lowest possible price. Combine the course the unique New Inspiration ePack to gain even better results with your pupils!


Nieuwe editie All Right! onderbouw | 1-10-2016
Je hebt pas echt iets aan een vreemde taal als je je ermee kunt redden. In de nieuwe editie van All Right! is er daarom veel aandacht voor de communicatieve vaardigheden. Lees verder >

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